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How to creata a BMW Car ClipArt Guideline

All sketches start with basic shapes.

In our case these will be circles and some guide lines. We will use them to build the general outline of the car clipart. After that, erase the auxiliary circles - we don't need them now.

Also, let's draw the headlights, windshield and dimensions. And now it's time for small details - door handles, side windows, lamps in headlights, grille.

How to draw a BMW

Now let's paint it - it will be light gray. And do not forget the shadows.

At this point the drawing can be considered complete. BMW M3 - making clipart drawing technique pencil drawing should master every artist.

After all, it can depict anything, including the car. So to understand how to draw BMW M3 we will be just on the example of a Ford GT clipart technique.

How to draw a BMW car clipart step by step?

As in the first section, we will start with the basic shapes. But now we will not be limited to circles: the wheels, of course, will remain round.

Now smooth the corners, giving our car a more decorated look. The first thing let's draw a regular rectangle.

Place it in the very center of the sheet. Step 2 Continue to work with simple geometric shapes. On the bottom of our bmw image, draw a couple of circles - these will be the wheels.

Drawing a BMW X5 clipart.

On top, let's place a trapezoid like in our sample.

Now we are going to slightly adjust the body of the car.

With smooth but confident lines, let's make the hood flatter, draw the rear bumper and trunk. This will form a guide to the positioning of the car when drawn.

Step 2.

Next, using the lines you drew in step 1, draw the outline of the beamer as shown. When you draw the figure start the car at the bottom of the windshield and work your way up. I’ll look like a real photo of a BMW.

Next draw in two draw the bmw and the holes for the fog lights.

Step 3

This is the step where it starts to get hard and you really need a steady hand.

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